Frontrunners in the Big Apple

The Perth Frontrunners get a slice of the Big Apple. One of our founding members (Sammy) joined The New York Frontrunners while over for the Pride celebrations. (Do you see him in the pic wearing our shirt?) We love interacting with the Frontrunner community and welcome all to join us for a run, jog, walk when visiting Western Australia 🏃🏃🏃#perthfrontrunners #frontrunners #gayathlete #gayrunner #teamperth #outsports #running #gaysports #nyfrpriderun #newyorkfrontrunners #nyfr

A Special Thank You

We would like to thank Brett Iannello of Iannello Design who donated his graphic design skills to create our first logo. We all agree the new logo looks awesome. Brett scanned his eye over our newly printed shirts and gave them two thumbs up 👍👍. Our first shirt outing will be this Sundays HBF run 🏃🏃

Iannello Design: Printing: IDathletic (

#perthfrontrunners #frontrunners #gayathlete #gayrunner #teamperth #outsports #running #gaysports #perthgay

A Growing Community

Our Frontrunner community is growing. Great turnout today in beautiful autumn weather. Well done to all 8km and 5km runners and power walkers. New members always welcome. Join up on our Facebook members only page….its fun, friendly, free…and healthy.

A Successful Foam Fest

Last week’s very first team event was a foaming success. During these hot summer months the foam was a welcome relief. Dont be put off by the warm weather – join us for our regular runs – we always tailor our running courses to the most shadiest and cool.🏃🌴